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Video Life

Video without limits

The best moments in life are more than a few seconds long. With Lightt you can capture, shape, and share your small moments and your big adventures.

Make every moment awesome

Mix and match beautiful filters and unique effects in the moment, as you capture. Tap to switch filters and effects in and out in real time.

Add a mood or soundtrack

Bring in your favorite music directly from iTunes and sync it live, as you capture. Want to tell your story with words? It's easy to add a voice over.

Fine-tune on the go

No homework for later! Simple yet robust, real-time editing tools that are really useful and fun.

Save to cloud, share anywhere

Your videos are saved securely to the cloud for access anytime. Share to your favorite networks and your Lightt stream.

The only personal video timeline

Connect all your experiences instantly, into one beautiful, ongoing movie. Just swipe to browse time, people and places.

Get inspired by the community

You can find amazing Lightt videos from community members around the world. Search by person, #tag or by location on a map.

Remix with friends

Combine Lightt video clips anytime to make a movie of any length. Bring together moments from multiple friends, instantly.

Perfect with “pro” features

Try anti-shake for smoother capture or the ghost for amazing stop motion.

Capture square portrait or full landscape

Just turn your device to capture exactly the way you want to.

Tell your story